Shubhalakshmi Polyesters Ltd. is the quality producer of Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF). The company proudly announces the commercial production of Polyester Staple Fibre in June 2017.

A manufacturing facility of 72000 KTPA per annum and equipped with latest technology from OERLIKON NEUMAG GERMANY, is one of the unique kinds of PSF Plant in India.

The plant is designed to meet stringent quality requirements and will cater to downstream Spinning Industry.

The plant has been designed in a way to provide range of deniers from 0.8D to 2.0D in short time. The two lines of 36000 KTPA, each one of them gives an edge to Shubhalakshmi Polyesters to meet the on-time requirement of our PSF Customers. The product basket includes deniers 0.8, 1.0d, 1.2d, 1.4d, 1.5d, 2.0d and in lustre it includes Raw white Semi Dull, Black and Optical White.

The stringent checking of properties of Fibre and accurate online controls in the machines ensure the highest quality Polyester Fibre.

With a passion for excellence in quality, assurance of performance, 360 degree Customer Care, Shubhalakshmi Polyester Staple Fibre is one of the most sought fibre.